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Gail Gelin

floral fair isle gloves palm side

17. maj 2007 19:58:54

Here is a view of the palm side. I love the striped color progression.

Gail Gelin

floral fair isle gloves

17. maj 2007 19:57:20

These were made with 3 strands lace weight for each color on size 2.25 mm needles. They are a ladies size extra small and used only 1.6 oz. total yarn. They are VERY soft and fun to knit.

Anne Powers

Cashmere and Silk tank

10. maj 2007 20:57:02

Knitted using 1 cone of Cashmere and Silk DK - shade Lemonade, 4mm needles.

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Lin Burley

1/14 NM Highland Glenn

10. maj 2007 01:34:52

Just finished my first project with RIchard's wonderful yarn. THe garment turned out nicer than expected. While it is 87 degrees here in Florida, this top is light and easy to wear, infact I am currently working on a wrap to complete a "twin set"


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Tien Chiu

Snowflake shawl woven with laceweight silk/cashmere

05. maj 2007 01:13:24

A shawl I wove with the cobweb weight silk/cashmere, 4 ends wound together. It is sett at 24 epi with 24 ppi, and the pattern is "Jane's Snowflake Runner" from "Twill Thrills: The Best of Weaver's". I used the original color "Silver Fox" for warp and dyed the weft black.

Gill Tyerman

Norwegian style design in 4 ply cashmere.

02. maj 2007 17:04:00

This is a Norwegian style design, adapted from a couple of patterns in the Norsk Strikkedesign book.
4 ply yarn, 8st to an inch on 3.25mm needles, total weight 280g.

Cashmere/silk - Tea Rose

27. april 2007 18:35:40

I made a swatch with the Tea Rose heavy dk cash/silk, and it just feels sooo soft! The swatch in the picture is not thoroughly dry, but here it is

My gauge for the stocking stitch part equals about 21 stitches per 10 cm/4 inches on 4 mm needles.

Bettina Kaltoft

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Hege Dietrichson

Child's set

20. april 2007 08:40:47

I made this set for my daughter, from crunchy silk, colour "nude mix". I used one cone, and about 1/3 of another.

The gauge was 20-21 stitches/10cm, with 4mm needles. I found that the yarn takes moss stitch and lace patterns nicely, but that I will avoid k1 p1 ribbing in the future.

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Anne Powers

Kiri shawl in blue laceweight cashmere

05. april 2007 09:14:38

Knitted with two strands of 2/28 100% cashmere using the Kiri shawl pattern from, I modified the cast off edging by using the picot cast off from the sun ray shawl from Weight about 106 gms before washing, 5mm circular needle. Produced a wonderfully soft, warm result.

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Rebecca Logan

Shawl from 6/28 in "Grouse Moor"

04. april 2007 12:27:45

I made Hyrna Herborgar (from the Icelandic Shawls book, translated) in the 6/28, and love, love, love it! The yarn was perfect for the look I wanted - heavier for cuddly warmth, but still lacy. The shawl took one and a bit partial cones. Once it was off the needles and blocked I immediately had to get started on another Colour Mart project - with lace weight cashmerino in a bright red. Yummy. When photos happen, I'll add them.

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Elise erimmeli

Shetland Garden Faroese Shawl in 2/28 silk, ecru, doubled

02. april 2007 21:52:40

This is another great pattern by Sivia Harding. Used Knitpicks Options needles size 5. The yarn, now shawl, is beautiful, and there is quite a lot left over. Knitting the yarn doubled can be a bit tricky as it's easy to split, but not horrible. I'd do it again. I handwashed it in Synthrapol prior to blocking. It didn't bloom much, but is just lovely.

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Sally Tung

Kimono Shawl

02. april 2007 04:34:49

Yarn - 1000yds Fingering weight cashmere yarn
Colour - Pale blue
Size - 24" by 70"
Needles - 3.75mm

Simply love the yarn and will definitely use it for future shawl knits.

More pictures in my blog :

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Lesley Greenaway

Martin Storey cardigan.

31. marts 2007 13:06:04

This is an adaptation of a Martin Storey
design from Jaeger JB24. It was knitted on 4mm
needles, using 3 strands of 2/28 cashmere, colour
Amoroso. The gauge was 22 sts and 36 rows to 10 cm.
I knitted this in a size 42/44 and its weight,
including the buttons and beads was 396g. Sorry, I
forgot to weigh it before the additions. This is a
very, very soft yarns, one of the first I bought from
Richard, and as far as I remember, is spun by T&D.

The major adaptation I made, apart from the gauge, was
replacing the original modified drop shoulders with
set-in sleeves. I also added a little more beading
than the pattern called for. Sorry that this does not
show up too well on the photograph, but I beaded in
the centre of each lace motif, above the garter stitch
detail on the fronts and back, round the heart motifs
on the front and above the moss stitch border on the
sleeves. I used Rowan pearly beads for this.



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Sally Pointer

Silk stockings in the laceweight silk

29. marts 2007 20:03:00

Thought you might like to see the silk stockings I've been making with this yarn (2/28nm silk). The red is using two ends together the blue is single. They are beautifully slinky on and are being used by Tudor and later re-enactors.

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Linda Dossett

Frilly cashmere bolero

29. marts 2007 09:11:00

This is a sleeveless version of the bolero I have now made 3 times in Cashmere. This one used 1 strand of DK weight in Purple and 2 strands of 4ply weight in Lilac. It was made for a child aged 10 years. 4mm needles.

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Joyce Nussbaum

DK Weight Sweater Set

27. marts 2007 15:43:08

These sweaters were made with 100% cashmere DK weight yarn. The cardigan took less than three cones and the shell another cone plus a little more for size XL. After the "tough love" washing and drying treatment, the fabric is wonderfully soft and a pleasure to wear. There is more info on my blog at

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yenju chen

Shawl made with smooth DK silk

21. marts 2007 16:12:03

Knit by hand with US6 needles using almost the whole cone of the steam set DK weight 2/28 100% silk yarn. The pattern is Convertible from The yarn was knit straight from the cone and then wet blocked when finished.

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Laura Suzuki

2/13 Cashmere Deep Wine Scarf

14. marts 2007 14:38:22

A birthday present for one of my son's "she's not my girl" friends

100% Cashmere Fingering weight 2/13 E518 (Deep wine)
6.75" x 66" (17 cm x 168 cm)
Approximately 2.75 oz (80 gm)
Knit on Brother 930

The yarn gives nice stitch definition (not very fluffy) and feels very nice. The color is gorgeous!

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Hege Dietrichson

Swallowtail shawl

13. marts 2007 14:49:58

Knitted in 2/16 plum 4Ply cashmere, on 4.5mm needles. It weighs about 90 grams, and measures 190x90cm.

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Elizabeth Lovick

Hap shawl finished

13. marts 2007 10:43:05

I've finished the hap shawl made with DK 50%cashmere 50% merino, colour Lilac Moon. It is knitted on 4.5 and 5 mm needles and is 49 ins square (sized for a baby).

Hap shawls were knitted by the women of the Northern and Western Islands of Scotland for their own use. The word 'hap' means to wrap up for warmth! Shawls for women were about 5 or 6 feet square and were worn in a triangle, with the point down the back. The other two ends were then crossed over the breast, passed to the back and tied in the small of the back beneath the point. This keeps you very warn, but the arms and shoulders are unrestricted so that you can continue with your manual work!!

The pattern for this shawl, along with instructions for changing the size of the shawl and the weight of the yarn, will be with Richard shortly!!


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