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Loft fing/dk weight cashmere

Loft and Tweed yarns are some of our most amazing :-) All are 100% pure cashmere, spun by Todd & Duncan. The lofts have 4 strands of 1/17NM singles yarn but one strand is spun very soft and deliberately with slubs. The Tweeds have 5 strands of 1/18NM yarns, again spun with a mix of soft slubby yarns and tighter ones, and with some unusual but attractive yarn color combinations... Both give a fascinating texture, ideal for really special garments, gorgeously soft... Both yarn types are likely to be one-offs, certainly the Tweeds were not even named properly, just given Marl numbers...


Loft fing/dk weight cashmere

As 4/17 NM yarns the lofts are about half way between what we call a fingering and what we call a dk weight yarn... giving 700 yards per cone and 2,100 yards per lb. That should mean about 22-26 stitches on a 4 inch swatch... 4 of the colors are actually two ply yarns, 2/7.5 NM, closer to dk wt, the details are given on the individual items.

The Tweed yarns are very close to our normal DK yarns, giving 600 yards per cone, 1,800 yards per lb..

Note some of these yarns came in on many smaller cones, so if you buy the last few 150g cones you may get at least the weight you bought but on more, smaller, cones.

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