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Fils très fins (4ply) et divers fils brillants

These yarns should all be around 140Tex, between say 2/13NM and 2/16NM. Usually a 2 ply but we sometimes sell 1/7NM singles under this weight definition. 2/14NM, the most common, will give 1,150 yards from a 150g cone (3,500 yards/lb). You should get 28-32 stitches on a 4" (10cm) square swatch and use US 0-1, 2-2.75mm, or old UK 14-12 needles for stocking stitch.
Note that our definition of 4ply is quite a bit finer than some peoples - please check these numbers :-)

This section also has cashmere/sparkle yarns of several thicknesses, deatils on the individual listings