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這些毛線使用最好喀什米爾和細長棉纖維﹐是由意大利毛紡廠Filati Biagioli所紡的毛線(3/80NM是由Loro Piana所紡的毛線)。這個毛線比我們的純喀什米爾毛線硬一點﹐織出來的針眼也比純喀什米爾毛線明顯﹐適合做成嬰兒和輕薄的衣服。

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60% Cashmere 40% cotton cobweb weight



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I'm using 4 strands of the 60%cashmere/40%cotton 2/48nm to knit the Mystic Waters Shawl KAL. Even unwashed this yarn is wonderfully soft and a delight to knit with. I have been pleasantly surprised...
This was knitted in the reversible pattern of 2 rows garter and 2 rows single rib. I got the hat and mitts and pushchair blanket out of one cone....

The hat and mitts are knitted on...
More Shetland patterns knitted with 85% cotton, 15% cashmere, on 2.5 mm needles. Again the stitch patterns are taken from an old Shetland shawl, and again, much easier to do than it looks!!

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