About Us

Welcome to Colourmart...

Welcome to ColourMart, the top online supplier of remainder luxury yarns, particularly cashmere and silk.... We source our yarns from the best Scottish and Italian mills and then package them to suit the needs of hand and machine knitters, weavers, hand dyers, and so on....

We have been supplying yarns worldwide for over 10 years, and have many loyal customers (for example on Ravelry... http://www.ravelry.com/groups/colourmart-lovers )...

Our customer service is truly world-class... we offer full refunds for returned yarns for any reason, even if you just change your mind about the colour when you get it...

We also sell on ebay at stores.ebay.com/ColourMartUK. 


All the prices you see are inclusive of postage via priority airmail to anywhere that airmail reaches (so pretty much the whole world). Usually packages arrive within 7-10 days, often less, but they are not officially late until 3 weeks has passed, and (although they typically leave UK the same day or next day) a few do take this long or longer, depending on the receiving country (Canada can occasionally be particularly slow). The requirements for small parcel airmail mean that orders greater than about 1.8kg are split into parcels of about that weight... although we post them together they can arrive on separate days. Postage within the UK is at First Class rates.

Normal airmail has no tracking, but we can arrange tracked parcels, signed for, or both, depending on what Royal Mail offers to any given country. This usually adds $8 per parcel to the order cost, please email us or mention this in order comments if you wish to arrange such. we can also ship large orders in one package by courier if required, typically for an extra fee.


We will happily try to match any samples sent to us... We will also send small free skeins of up to 6 yarns (even if you are not ordering) as long as you have them in your shopping basket on the site, just email us directly at colourmartcashmere@gmail.com or add a request to your order when checking out if you are ordering at the same time. We charge US$0.50 for any samples above 6.


Twisting together multiple plies of any yarn (of the same color or different colors, indeed of different fibres too if you wish). Note that we attempt to get a balanced yarn but twisting is a craft process and we can not guarantee a perfect result. Twisting should always work with singles yarns (eg 1 13NM yarn) because a balanced final result is possible
with singles yarn input. We can twist up multiple ends of already twisted (eg 2 28NM) yarns but the final result will be twisty EXCEPT if you want lots of plies, say 4 plies of lace weight to make a dk... then we can double twist the plies (for example 2 plies twisted one way then two lots of the result twisted together the other way, called a 2x2 twist) when we can still aim for a balanced result. If you want a few 


Our prices are pretty competitive anyway but we do have additional discounts :-) On most of our yarns (not sets) :

- if you buy 6 or more 150g cones of one color of one yarn type you can tick the box for "kg cone discount" in your basket against that yarn / color. This will reduce the price, usually by 25%, more if the item is on KONE SALE!, occasionally less. Ticking this box means you are agreeing to have the yarn sent on larger cones than 150g, typically on cones of around 900g but sometimes a mix of cone sizes.

- if you buy 6 or more 150g cones of more than one color of one yarn type you will automatically get a discount on all the cones, typically 15% but can be more on sale items... a similar deal works for 50g cones of some yarns..