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2/16NM - 2/18NM and 8/44NM 4ply weight

Spun by the top UK spinners, Johnstons of Elgin or Hinchliffes of Yorkshire, these yarns are some of our most popular, a good weight for machine or hand knitting.. the finer ones are getting closer to our heavy lace weight but with a fluffier texture than our 2/20NM yarns.. the 8/44NM yarns are twisted up for us from 2/44NM cashmere "EZ" yarns from Johnstons, to give a soft but almost silky yarn - gorgeous..


2/16NM - 2/18NM and 8/44NM 4ply weight

As 2/16NM yarns these should give 1,300 yards per cone, 4,000 yards per lb, and 28-32 stitches for a 4" swatch, using US 0-1 needle, 2-2.75mm. Please post your experiences of using these yarns (especially photos and details of items made) below... the finer yarns give 1,400 yards per cone and 4,200 yards per lb for 2/17NM and 1,500 per cone and 4,500 per lb for 2/18NM... the latter is getting close to a heavy lace weight...

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