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3/28NM heavy lace weight

These yarns are spun by Todd & Duncan of Scotland and Loro Piana of Italy, two of the top cashmere mills in the world. They are particularly soft spun, which makes them very popular, and the weight makes them ideal for machine knitting as well as for hand knitting (as is or two strands wound or knitted together makes exactly our fingering weight)


3/28NM heavy lace weight

As 3/28NM yarns these give 1,550 yards per cone, 4,600 yards per lb, and should give around 30-34 stitches on a 4 inch swatch, using US 4-6, 2.75-3.75 mm needles. Please add your experiences with these yarns (especially with pictures!) below. You can find articles about knitting and washing these yarns in our Knowledge Base section..

Note that we will wind multiple plies of these yarns onto cone for no extra charge, just let us know how many plies when you pay... (as noted above, two strands makes our fingering weight, three makes a fraction over our dk weight).

Also, some of these yarns came in on smaller original cones, any purchase of a 150g cone may be sent as 150g or more on two or even very occasionally three original cones - usually you get extra that way but if that will be a problem please let us know...

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I knit this Mystery 3 shawl with this yarn, using 4 mm needles.
It is gorgeous, drapey and soft, and the pattern appears really well with only a "patting flat" blocking.
I l...
I just finished this cardigan for my mom's 80th birthday. The yarn is 3/28 in bacchrus used 1 strand on a Passap 6000. I used about 1 1/2 cones. I was a little worried about using just one stran...
Lace-edged spiral shawl in 3/28, color chalk, size 6 US needles. Weights five ounces and measures over 60" in diameter. My design.
This is my first lace knitting.
I used heavy weight lace yarn(3/28) , The needle size is 3.25mm. The colour is China Blue which is very beautiful. The yarn is comfortable to knit for beginn...

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