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1/14NM, 1/17NM & 1/11.5NM lacewt soft spun

The 1/14s, 1/17s and 1/11.5s singles from Todd & Duncan are soft spun and steam set to give lower twistiness, but knitters should be aware that as unbalanced singles yarns they do still retain some residual bias. They have great colours though, and work well for weavers too..

WE WILL TWIST THESE YARNS TO ROUGHLY BALANCED THICKER YARNS FOR FREE - for example two strands of the 1/17 will make a heavy lace weight, four will make a yarn a little thicker than our fingering weight..


1/14NM, 1/17NM & 1/11.5NM lacewt soft spun

The 1/14NM yarns give 2,300 yards per cone, 7,000 yards per lb, and should give around 32-36 stitches on a 4 inch swatch, using US 2-5, 2.5-3.75 mm needles. The 1/11.5NM yarns give 1,900 yards per cone and 5,700 yards per lb, the 1/17s give 2,800 per cone and 8,400 ypp. Please add your experiences with these yarns (especially with pictures!) below. You can find articles about knitting and washing these yarns in our Knowledge Base section..

Note that as always we will WIND multiple plies of these yarns onto cone for no extra charge, just let us know how many plies when you pay..... we will also TWIST multiple plies of the 1/14, 1/17 and 1/11.5 yarns for free, to give a fairly balanced thicker yarn....

also note that some of the 1/14s and 1/11.5s soft spun came in on small cones, orders may be shipped on part cones (usually with a bit of extra yarn) so if that would be a problem please let us know.

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