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2/7NM dk weight

The heathered 2/7NM yarns are from Johnstons of Elgin, soft spun from the finest Mongolian cashmere and blooming very well after washing. you will not find softer dk... The clouds yarns are UK spun, also lovely and soft but with fairly striking colorways!


2/7NM dk weight

These yarns are 2/7NM (or 140Tex/140Tex) and so give 580 yards per cone and about 1,750 yards per lb. You should get about 20-24 stitches on a 4 inch swatch using US 5-6 or 3.75-4 mm needles, washing and knitting comments can be found in our knowledge base section. We are grateful to any customer who posts pictures or details of items knitted with these yarns (even swatches!) below...

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Knitted this sweater on Brother 965 KM. I achieved a gauge of 26.0 sts. over 10cm. 39,7 rws over 10cm. Tension Dial on 10 plus as far as it will go.
The garment weighs 352 grams. Washed in...
This is the detail of the cable that runs up the sleeve and onto the saddle shoulders
This was knitted using 350g of 2/7NM cashmere (size 42). Using 4mm needles, I achieved a gauge of 24 rows and 20sts over the lacy pattern. The inspiration for the pattern came from "Knitter'...
This picture shows off the beautiful colours of this yarn much better. It was knitted on 3.75 mm needles. It washes like a dream and blooms to incredible softness.
Fitted jacket with shaping using 2/7 Mermaid Meadow, in a simple basketweave stitch.

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