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DK weight

100% extra fine merino dk and aran weights, other dk merinos

These yarns are mill twisted and steam set for us from 5 strands of 3/44NM or 2/30NM lace weight extra fine merino yarn produced by Zegna Baruffa of Italy. The lace weight was sold as Cashwool because it has been spun so as to be exceptionally full and soft for a merino yarn, but it is pure merino, no cashmere.. The yarns ARE very soft though, and the colors are truly vivid.. The Super DK yarns are thicker, 12/30s, with a doubled, rope-like texture... we have added a few more dk merinos, details on the listings... the arans are from 12 strands of 2/48s, still the super soft Zegna Baruffa yarns

THE BALLS are the same yarn, but specially processed to relax and fluff up the yarn before balling. Each ball is 100g, approx 300 yards.