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Made with ColourMart yarns

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richard lawn

Вс, 24 декабря 2006 12:54:30

This topic should collect all the postings made on the individual product pages about items made with those yarns...

IF you post them from individual yarn pages your post will be linked to that yarn and show up on that page too, so please try and either match your post to the yarn or just add it here directly...

CLICK on the thumbnail to see the full size pictures, which can really show the detail in many cases...

Diane Conroy

Diane  Conroy

Yak sweaters...

Вс, 3 августа 2014 16:38:33

I must show off my yak sweater gifts! They look wonderful on the recipients and they LOVED them!

I am wearing my Linen/silk scarf but it's hard to tell!

Diane Conroy

Diane  Conroy


Вс, 3 августа 2014 16:34:54

Guess what I've been up to? LOL!

18/120nm cash/silk 4ply: Petrol (Swatched single and held double.)

3/13nm cashmere fingering: Baltic Blue

6/15nm Cashmerino aran: (Just because I couldn't resist swatching the red too!)

Beverley Thompson

Beverley Thompson

Twisted Rib/Eyelet Mock Cable - Fingerless Bared Thumb Mittens

Пн, 28 июля 2014 8:11:15

Following on from my previous entryon this pattern, I am delighted to announce that the design was published yesterday, as part of the ColourMartian Designs Summer 2014 http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/s...es/colourmartian-designs-summer-2014 is offered as a free download and is currently available here


Size: Teenager/Adult, It took around 62g/186m or 204 yards to create.

Lisa Stallard

Lilly "My Perfect Cardigan 2ply version"

Чт, 17 июля 2014 19:28:38

This is a 2ply version of my 4ply pattern " My Perfect Cardigan " this one is knitted with Colourmarts 8/60nm silk/cotton ( it is classed as a 3ply but has worked lovely for this 2ply pattern )
2ply pattern will be available beginning of August on Ravelry
My user name is LisaJS

Diane Conroy

Diane  Conroy

For me...

Сб, 21 июня 2014 17:59:52

I need something for my shoulders for my son's wedding and designed the perfect little wrap to do the job!

Details are on my project page here:

I used 6/20nm linen/silk DK and lots of beads on the edging. You can find this yarn here:

Diane Conroy

Diane  Conroy

Channel Cardi Pt1

Сб, 21 июня 2014 17:55:00

Made with the same yummy yak/merino as the one in the post below! Same gorgeous results!

I made 2, one for my son and one for his wife to be (I did reenforce the belt loop holes so they no longer gape!) for wedding prezzies. (They get married next week!)

Diane Conroy

Diane  Conroy

Channel Cardi

Сб, 21 июня 2014 17:51:05

This is made with the 4/14nm yak/merino DK. Perfect yarn for this pattern! I am really happy with the results!

This one is modified heavily to get a more manly look.

Diane Conroy

Diane  Conroy

Juneberry shawl

Сб, 21 июня 2014 17:46:28

Made with 2/4.2NM Angora/Merino super DK. I love the results... it soft and so cozy!


Beverley Thompson

Beverley Thompson

Festifall of Flowers (without the flowers!)

Пт, 13 июня 2014 6:25:08

I started this design c 2 years ago. I kept meaning to add the flowers - but thought against it as being "too busy" . I'm glad I decided against it.

Lovely to wear - the yarn used was 100% extra fine merino 15/44NM dk wt tartan green. I love the sleeves and am planning to make the same but a longer in length version.

If you have a Ravelry account, the following link will take you to the project page.

Yours truly modelling the design.


Beverley Thompson

Beverley Thompson

Everyone's a Ref!!! © (World Cup Mascot)

Пт, 13 июня 2014 6:16:20

FIFA's World Cup tournament commenced yesterday and this is my Mascot - which I'm going to gift to a fellow Arsenal FC (my team) supporter.

It's supposed to represent me (though from Caribbean descent) I've never worn dreadlocks!

The yarn was - my default yarn! - Extra Fine Merino. The colours are my favourite team colours when we won the double (League & FA Cup) over the period 1970./71.

You can just about see the "Red Card" in the right hand and it looks like I'm pointing at someone, with the other hand. That deadly combination only means one thing - "Game over for that person!"

Beverley Thompson

Beverley Thompson

Colourmart E-Book Design - Fingerless Bared Thumb Mittens©

Пт, 13 июня 2014 6:04:18

This is one of 3 x designs planned for a ColourMart e-Book, by a group of designers from the ColourMart Lovers group on Ravelry. For those of you who are Ravelry members, the following link will take you to the appropriate page, where some of the other designs have been published.


These mittens were made using my favourite yarn - Extra Fine Merino (DK) weight.

Carmen Perez Aguado

8/60 silk/cotton lime

Вт, 20 мая 2014 20:02:29

I made this summer cardigan with 8/60 silk cotton lime adding the fabric fronts you can see more details in my project pagehttp://ravel.me/maica/g1

Carmen Perez Aguado

4/15 cashmere/merino Tango

Вт, 29 апреля 2014 20:24:48

Beautiful yarn, nice to knit even before washing. You can see details in http://ravel.me/maica/wtwj

Diane Conroy

Diane  Conroy


Пт, 18 апреля 2014 18:35:11

More swatches to share!

6/15 cash/merino aran Peony (Fairisle is bison, beige and cream.)

2/8nm Shetland fingering

Diane Conroy

Diane  Conroy


Сб, 12 апреля 2014 16:46:42

4 new yarns to report on

8/44nm EFM 4ply

3/48nm EFM lace wt.

4/8nm Shetland wool cables aran

4/20 Camel fine fingering

Lisa Stallard

My perfect cardigan Made with 4/20NM cashmere

Сб, 29 марта 2014 13:56:34

This is my new design I am working on.
I just love the simplicity of this cardigan.
Pattern will be available on Ravelry within next month
My user name is LisaJS

Diane Conroy

Diane  Conroy


Вс, 23 марта 2014 16:03:48

I've been busy again with some swatches.

I start from the top and work my way down.

The purple and cream swatches are the Cashmere/Merino 4/20NM fine fingering (10/90) from CM2.

My thoughts and notes can be found here:

The middle 2 are the 3/14nm Yak/Merino fingering.(Lavanda and Fango) If there is any left, it might fall out of someone's cart... you never know, can be found on CM2 here:

My swatch page is here:

And last but not least is my lacy 2/18nm cotton slub in the very vibrant Fuxia! This one is the feature ColourMart yarn for March 2014 and has been newly stocked on CM.com here:

My swatch page is here:

The other 1/2 of the yarn feature for March is the the Aran weight cousin. I swatched this one last year about this time but I wanted to mention it because of the feature. It can be found here on the CM.com site:

And my swatch page is here:

These are wonderful yarns and I am please with them all!

eta: My apologies for duplicating my cash/merino swatch efforts. I totally forgot that I had already shared that one. (There's that menopausal brain fart again!?? Sorry!)

Sally Doyle

3/15NM Fingering cotton/viscose/merino/angora/cashmere - Nispero

Пн, 17 марта 2014 5:42:44

Have just finished a mans jumper, knitted on a Passap Pinky, with the above yarn. I knitted it Italian Knit or Longstitch, the fabric is lovely and soft, bloomed up slightly when washed. So happy with this yarn, have bought another cone in dark navy.

Diane Conroy

Diane  Conroy

4/20nm Cashmere/merino

Сб, 15 марта 2014 17:32:03

Been swatching again!

I quite like this one and best of all is that the purple doesn't bleed. I plan to knit these 2 together! (But I hear that the dark blue and the red does bleed so be careful if you plan colourwork and swatch them up together first!)

4/20nm Cashmerino from CM2 details are here:

You can find the yarn on CM2 here: