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You have a wish list function!

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JoAnn Sartor

Ср, 27 декабря 2006 16:09:43

That is going to come in handy as I plan projects


Carmen Perez Aguado

4/14/cashmere_merino_silk_angora pitosforo

Вс, 26 января 2014 19:08:15

Lovely yarn! I wish the day will have more hours and my pocket more pounds! This is a nice yarn, very, very sweet after washing. No bias and perfect stich deffinition.

Naveed saber


Сб, 27 июля 2013 12:13:31

The colourmart posting is posted

*********** NAVEED SABER ***********

Michael Austin


Ср, 26 июня 2013 8:02:29

Nice surprise about this shorter form. Can you tell us what it is you are talking/writing about?
Has any info. about this shorter form been posted before (and i just missed it)?


Harlez Claude

electric skein reel machine

Ср, 21 мая 2008 19:21:08

My father, Jean Harlez, has made me an electric skein reel machine. It can easily make reels out of new cone-mounted thread which is still oiled. On reels, the yarn can therefore easily be washed before being used.

richard lawn

wish list etc

Вс, 31 декабря 2006 18:05:47

There are still quite a few bits that need setting up on here, wish lists are obviously one of them... signature is where you put details, jolly messages or whatever you want to appear at the bottom of each of your messages...

Helene Virlogeux


Сб, 30 декабря 2006 14:16:12

Please, could you note in my wishlist that I wish I could get access to my wishlist, also to my profile, because I don't know where it may hide!

What does "signature" means in this context????? I'm just a poor lonesome foreigner...

Catherine Biderman

Wish List Function and Email Capabilities?

Чт, 28 декабря 2006 15:32:09

Ah, but how does one add to the wish list? That is the big mystery LOL. I see no way to currently do that.....also, under "My Profile," it has a link for "Notification Preferences." I tried to edit this, thinking it was a way to get new posts sent to me, but the page just refreshes and does not make the changes. Am I correct, Richard, in assuming that these forums will eventually work via email if one chooses? That will make the migration of the original group off Yahoo much more effecient for some, I believe. I hope I am understanding that correctly!!

JoAnn Sartor

It looks like it's in the 'My profile' category

Чт, 28 декабря 2006 9:28:01

There's something called, "Wish List" under 'My profile.'


richard lawn

wish list

Ср, 27 декабря 2006 18:35:46

we do?